Deb from Babystylista, Victoria BC

Harp is an amazing artist. I came into my appointment for lash extensions both apprehensive and nervous. With watery eyes, I tend to react to any kind of treatment on my face. But the process was seamless and relaxing, and the results were exceptional. She is very detail oriented, and wouldn't let me leave unless I was completely satisfied with her work. I was beyond ecstatic. They look fabulous and are incredibly easy to maintain. And for the first time in a long time, this tired mama is feeling cute again!   Harp is such a joy, I can't wait for my next appointment. Thanks Harp and Making Faces!

Ciara, Saanich East BC

I was a little nervous about getting eyelash extensions for the first time but Harp made the experience completely enjoyable!  She is extremely friendly and professional and creates an incredibly relaxing atmosphere.  I was ecstatic about my extensions!  Not only do they look flawless and amazing, but she customized them exactly to my needs, creating a glamorous yet natural look that is just as suitable in the daytime under glasses as it is for a fabulous night out.  I get compliments about my lashes all the time now, and there’s something really special about the moments when you catch your reflection, makeup free, and feel truly beautiful.  Thank you so much Harp, can’t recommend you enough!

Nikki, Langford BC

Every girl dreams of her wedding day, and she always imagines how beautiful she will look not only for herself  but for her soon to be husband. Well Harp really made me feel like a princess on the day of my wedding while doing my make-up. Harp not only was able to make me feel great about myself she was also able to make me look SO beautiful. Now that Harp has extended her business to doing lashes, of course I jumped right into that. I am one who doesn’t like their eyes touched and Harp was well aware of that.  I can honestly say she was so gentle, that I was able to fall  asleep while she was doing her thing. I don’t know how I have never had lashes before, its life changing. I will never go back to Mascara!  Especially with her prices!!!! I recommend everyone go to Harp  for your beauty needs! She will make you feel like the Queen you know you are!

Michelle A, Saanich West BC

Not only have I been friends with Harp for 26 years, I have been trusting her with my face for just about as long.  Harp has had this passion since she was little and is so amazing at her craft.  She has done my makeup for my wedding, other weddings I have been a part of, vacations and nights out.  I've never not liked what she has done.  She knows what will look good and what will compliment your features.  I'm now getting lashes done by Harp and I love them.  Yes, she's new at it, but you'd never know.  She is so good.  It's amazing how fast she picked up this new skill.  She is thorough and meticulous.  Her studio is inviting, relaxing and very tidy. Not only does she rock as what she does, she's also one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  If you need anything done, go see Harp.... you won't be disappointed!!

Sabrina, Saanich West BC

As a first time "lasher" I was nervous. My eyes are pretty sensitive as is. Making Faces had a nice quiet and private room, with light relaxing music. Harp, the lash tech, was amazing. Super gentle, and very professional. I had thought I would just so the one time, but after the amazing care and beautiful results, I am sure to be a long time "lasher". Harp has done make-up and lashes for many of my friends, for specail occasions, weddings, graduations etc., and the feedback has always been great. Ihave no hesitation recommending this beauty tech for any service. A+ work!

Michelle P, Saanich West BC

Making women feel good about themselves is Harp's true calling.  We've been friends for many years and she's done my makeup for countless nights out.  Her skill with makeup application is exceptional - she knows just what questions to ask to understand what kind of look you're going for.  Natural but with a bit of pop? Done.  Full on glam? No problem.  Beautiful wedding makeup that will make you look stunning in your wedding photos? Piece of cake.  So when Harp told me she was doing lashes, I booked an appointment right away.  She knows I like to look natural and knew exactly what lashes would work for me.  I can't believe how many compliments I've gotten on them! They look so thick and full and I love how much time I save during my morning routine.  I'll be keeping my new lashes and I recommend her to anybody looking to try out lash extensions.  Thanks so much, Harp!

More Testimonials

Sandra S, Victoria BC

I was Harp's first paying (after her extensive multi-client practice) client, she is friendly, professional and a great lash extension technician.  I have had my lashes for about 6 weeks, (with 3 fills) they are beautiful, glamorous and light feeling. It's so easy to get ready for the day with lash extensions, and you always look great!  Her studio is accessible from the outside and her house is in a central location in Victoria. Her professional bed is more than perfect, going out of her way to make sure you are warm enough and comfortable enough.  I highly recommend Harp's services.